Adai Pokoda

Today I had surprise visitors for coffee and I had to improvise a quick snack to go with it. I scanned the fridge and found leftover Adai batter. And here is yummy golden brown pakodas crispy and crunchy ready to serve.


-Leftover Adai Batter – 1 cup
-Besan/Chickpea flour – 2 tbs
-Rice Flour – 3 tbs
-Small size Onion  – 1 cut into small pieces
-Green chillis (to taste)
-Salt to taste
-Little Cilantro and mint chopped
-Oil for deep frying ( I use peanut oil. Any unrefined oil is good to use)

  • Add the cut onion cilanto, mint, chillis and salt to the adai batter. Now add the chickpea flour and the rice flour to the mixture and mix well.
  • Make sure the consistency is such that the mixture holds when you pick it by hand, It should not be watery or too tight.
  • You can adjust the flour amount based on the consistency.
  • Heat the oil in the kadai and drop bite size pieces to the oil and fry.
  • Serve it with little lemon.

Serve it with hot tea or Coffee. Tastes heavenly!

P.S :
1.You can also add any vegetable of choice like carrot, cabbage, potato, methi leaves etc to the batter to make a vegetable Adai pokadas.
2.If you do not have left over adai batter you can simply use the Chickpea flour and the rice flour mixture to make the pakodas

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