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Cooking is my passion. I love to cook healthy yummy food and experiment with different ingredient combinations. I started cooking from a very early age from my mom. I believe that learning starts with helping with small things around the house and watching your mom/grandmom in the kitchen, cut and mix colorful vegetable and fruits. It feels good to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. The taste of freshly cooked food has no comparison, but in today’s busy world, we find it hard to make everything from scratch.

“Health is Wealth”. This saying is very appropriate today. Fresh vegetables, lentils, fruits and milk products in a proper proportion make a healthy meal. I always wonder how we vegetarians gain so much weight even though we mostly eat lentils, rice, milk products. Its no news that rice add the most calorie in our diet and we need to balance it. The other main reason is our eating habits and lack of exercise along with eating at irregular time and and out of temptations than out of hunger. The food consumed due to temptation gets stored as fat in our body. We should try to balance our food with proper ingredients and when it comes to food habits we should try to keep the timing right and see that we eat on time (Breakfast before 7.00 am and Lunch before 12:30 pm , small snack around 3-4 and Dinnner before 7.00 pm is ideal) and see not to overeat. its always wise to ” Brunch like a king and Dine like a pauper”

Here I will try to and share recipes that are healthy, tasty and easy to make .

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