Rasam Powder

Growing up rasam was one of the staple food in our house. My granddad and dad never ever had their main meal without rasam. They would  not mind skipping sambar or curry for a day but a meal without the rasam was considered incomplete.
For people who are aware , rasam usually is about the 3 times the rice and one has to eaten a certain way to fully enjoy the dish. I still remember my granddad eating rasum nija style slurping it away. It took me lot of practice to master the art of eating rasam sadam (especially in banana leaf)
Now that you are ready for this mouth watering dish lets see how to make the famous rasam powder We had a non-stop supply of  Rasam powder in our house. My mom and aunts came up with different versions of it so we always  had variety and a surprise element. Here is a simple rasam powder recipe I frequently use and its very well liked by my family.
(This is from my mom’s Cookbook).

Rasam Powder

  • Servings: ~30 spoons
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Dhaniya – 2 cups
Jeera – 1 cup
Black Pepper corns – 1 cup
Toor Dal – 1cup
Urad dal – 5 tbs
Red chillies – ¾ to 1 cup
Methi seeds – 2 tbs
Turmeric – acc to desired color



1) Dry roast all of the above ingredients separately as they have different cooking time. we do not want to loos the flavor or color.
2) once dry roasted let it cool for 3-5 mins. so that it does not sweat while grinding and becomes lumpy
3) Once its cooled down grind it into a smooth powder.

4) Make sure to cool it down after grinding it.  If you store it in a airtight container without cooling it will go bad soon.

5) Store it in airtight container. I usually make a large batch and store it in the freezer to lock the freshness.Now your power is ready to use.

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