Shahi Panner

A royal treat without all the calories!  I am big fan of Paneer and love anything made with Paneer.. But over time I have learned that making fresh paneer and substituting few ingredients in a dish helps cut down some un wanted calories and yet taste variety of dishes which otherwise are filled with fat.

Shahi panner, the name itself sounds soo rich and creamy. But here is a recipe that will make it rich but healthy too..

Shahi Paneer

  • Servings: 3-4
  • Difficulty: Medium
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Fresh Homemade Paneer – 1 cup
Shahi Jeera (cumin) – 1tsp
Bay leaves – 1
Cloves – 2 nos
Cinnamon stick – 1 small stick
Kasoori methi – 2 pinches
Butter – 1/2 tbs
Thick curd ( or Greek yogurt)-  1/2 cup
Honey -1 tsp

For gravy:
Tomatos Small to medium – 6-7 nos
Onion – 1/2 large
Almonds – 2 tbs
Ginger –  1 inch piece
Garlic  – 1 clove
Kashmiri Red chilis – 2 (for color) 

1. Cut tomatos and onions into chucks. Soak the almonds in a water for 15-20 mins and peel the skin (optional) I used fresh ginger and garlic you can substitute with  ginger-garlic paste.
2. In a pan add the cut onion and tomato along with the ginger, garlic, almond and chilis and let it cook for 10 mins. When the mixture looks cooked, let it cool for 5 mins.
3. Throughly beat the curd without adding water. I just pulsed it a couple of times in the same mixer.
4. Grind all the above ingredients in a mixer to a smooth paste, add water as needed. In pan add the butter and the dry masala. When the masala starts to leave aroma add in the ground mixture.
5.Add salt and let this mixture cook well. Since we already cooked the tomatos and onions before grinding it, it will not take too long. When the masala starts to bubble a little bit add the beaten curd and mix well.
6.  Add honey and crush the kasuri methi  to it at this stage and don’t let the mixture boil too much.
7. Finally add in the cubed paneer pieces to the mixture and let it cook in medium heat for 2-3 mins and Garnish with slivered almonds.

P.S:  I have replaced Cashews with Almonds, (Cashew just for pics ) Thick yogurt for heavy cream and honey for sugar which are healthier and less fatty.

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