Tengai Kozakattai/Coconut Modak/Dumplings

Kozakattai is a steamed sweet dish that is prepared for variety of indian festivals namely Ganesh Chaturthi and Varalakshmi Viratahm. It is equivelant to the famous Chinese dim sum dumplings or momos.


It is healthy as it contains very less oil and is steamed. It actually took me while to learn the art of making these dumplings. I would still I am still learning to perfect them. Here is my successful attempt with some help from  SouthIndian veg Recipes


Tengai Kozakattai/Coconut Modak

  • Servings: 6-7
  • Difficulty: difficult
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Ingredients: For Dough
Rice Flour   – 1 cup
Water – almost 2 cups
Maida – 1 tbs
Salt  – A pinch
oil – few drops


Mix maida in the water and bring it to a boil. When it starts to boil add pinch of salt and oil to the water and slowly add the rice flour (I usually slightly roast the rice flour before adding) and mix until without lumps.
When it is absorbs all the water turn of the heat and transfer the dough to a plate and knead it nicely to form a non-sticky ball. Now it is ready to use.
Make Medium size balls out of it when ready to start filling it  and keep it covered.

Ingredients:Coconut filling
Grated coconut -1 cup
Jaggery – 3/4th cup
Cardamom – 2 pods
pinch of salt.


1. Dissolve the jaggery in water and let it simmer to one sting consistency. I did this in the microwave at 1 to 2 min intervals. Make sure that the jaggery does not burn.
2. When it reaches the consistency, add the powdered Cardamom and the pinch of salt and give it a quick mix.
3. Now add the grated coconut and mix well. You will notice that the consistency will loosen a little bit. that is ok.
4. Now keep cooking the mixture in 1 to 2 min intervals. When the mixture reaches a consistency that allows you to roll into small balls its done.
5.Let it cool a little bit and make desired size balls.

Modak Preparation:
1.Now make small cups out of the rice flour dough by applying pressure on the sides and slowly working your way to the middle.
2. Take care not to tear the cups while applying pressure. It is helpful to lubricate your fingers with little oil to avoid stickiness.
3. Once you have a cup shape place the small balls in the center and close the cup. you can give it a round or modak shape.
4. Once you have enough, steam the kozakatai/modal in the steamer or a regular cooker.
5. When the steam start to come switch it off and remove for it to cool for couple of minutes.
6. Modals are ready for Ganapathi to consume and then you 🙂

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