Coriander Pulav | Cilantro Pulav

 Green Coriander or cilantro leaves are a specifically use for garnish, chutneys and rice mixes. Here is one of my goto, quick fix meal – Cilantro Pulav. Its easy to make and tastes yummy.Its great for those lazy afternoon or to repurpose leftover rice.


Cilantro Leaves are particularly rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, with moderate content of dietary minerals. Although seeds generally have lower content of vitamins, they do provide significant amounts of dietary fiber, calcium, selenium, iron, magnesium and manganese.



Coriander rice

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: Medium
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Carrots, Onion, Beans – 1 cup chopped
Green peas – 1/2 cup
Cooked (basmati) Rice – 1 cup cooked
Salt to tasteTo grind:
Coriander leaves – 1 small bunch ( I also try and use the tender stem part)
Ginger – 1/2 inch
Garlic ( optional) – 1-2 cloves
Green chillies – 1to 2 as per taste

To Temper:

Jeera/Cumin – 1/2 tsp
Sonff/fennel – 1/2 tsp
Bay leaf – 1-2
Cloves- 3-4
Oil – 5 tbs


1. Simply grind the Coriander leaves, ginger, garlic and green chillies to a paste with just little water.

2. If the rice is freshly cooked , make sure to add few tbs of oil and cool it down. this helps the rice from getting sticky and mushy.

If you are using left over rice, break the lumps and with a light hand ( fingers). It helps to apply little oil in your fingers so it its easy to mix.

3. In a pan add the oil and once the oils is heated temper it with Jeera and sonff followed by bay leaf and cloves. once its starts spluttering add the vegetable mix, salt and saute until veggies are  3/4 cooked.

4. Now add the ground paste to the pan and saute for couple of minutes until the raw garlic smell is gone and oil leaves form the sides.
5. Now add the cooled rice to the pan and mix it well. Make sure not to over work it as the basmati rice will break.

Serve with Raita of your choice

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