Jamun Malai Kofta

Have leftover Gulab Jamun mix from Dashera and Diwali and tired of eating sweets? Here is a savory dish for your leftover gulab jamun mix.

I heard about the ‘Gulab Jamun Malai Kofta’ when I was in India a couple of years back n one one of those 24 hr cooking channels and I was all ears. But I totally forgot and went on with my usual  menus until couple of weeks back I suddenly stared wondering how you my left over Gulab Jamun mix and wala it came back to me.  I ended up with this Gulab Jamun Malai Kofta recipe and I must say it tasted pretty good.  Actually I really loved the day after. This goes will with Roti/Naan or Hot Rice..

Malai Kofta with Gulab jamun mix

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: Medium
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ngredients for gravy:

To Grind:

Cashew    – 15- 20
Almond     – 10 -15 nos
Green Chillis – 6 to 7 ( if  you want it spicy)
Tomato   – 2 medium size
Onion   – 2 small size
Ginger   – 1 inch
Garlic  – 6-7 pods

For tadka or tempering :
Bay leaves- 1 medium
Cloves – 4
Small cardamom – 4
Big cardamom – 1
Kala jira – 2 tsp
Oil/Ghee  – 2 -3 tbs

Masalas to add:
Garam Masala – 1 Tbs
Coriander Powder – 1 tbs
Cumin powder – 1 tsp
Red chilli powder – 1 tsp
Fenugreek powder – 1/2 tsp
Amchoor powder – 1/2 to 1 tsp
Turmeric – 1 tsp

Method for gravy:

1) First Grind Onions, ginger and garlic together ans set it aside
2) Then grind tomato and green chills to a nice smooth paste
3) Finally grind the cashews and the Almonds with little milk
4) In a heavy bottom kadai, add Oil ( or Ghee) and add all the tadka or tempering ingredients
5) Once the jeera splatters add the onion paste and let it cook till its raw smell is gone ( at this point it is still not leaving all the oil on the side)
6) Now add the tomato paste and cook it for couple of minutes. Now slowly add the nut paste to this mix and let it simmer till its cooked completely and the oil separates out.
7) Add water as needed. The final gravy should not e too lose or too thick. It should be liquidy enough for the koftas to soak in.
8) Add all the dry masalas to the gravy
9) Let it simmer till the oil separates out. Once done, set it aside.


Ingredients for Koftas

Left Over Gulab Jamun mix – 1 cup
Carrots – a fistfull
Beans – a fistfull
Cabbage –  A fist full (Optional. I did not add)
Paneer – 5 table spoon
Salt as per taste
Jeeera powder ( optional)
Oil to fry

Method for Koftas

1) Grate all the veggies ( I simply put it in my  mixi and mad it to a course paste)
2) Add the Gulab Jamun mix in a bowl and add all the veggie mix to it.
3) Add salt and pinch of jeera powder to it and mix it. The mixture should be non sticky
P.S : mine got a bit sticky and I just added couple of spoons of  all purpose flour to help with it.

4) Dust your hand with little flour and  make small balls out of it.

5) Deep fry these like you would fry for Gulab Jamun. i.e in medium flame and to golden brown – so it cooks evenly in the inside.

6) Now simply add the kofts to the gravy and slightly dip them in. It is ready to be served.
And I say this slurping and drooling that these koftas tasted even better the day after when it was  all soaked in the heavenly gravy.


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