Multigrain Bhatura ( No Soda and No Yeast)

Who does not like Channa Bhatura? It is such a classic dish. It  is one of my first choices on the menu when I eat out. But I always feel bit guilty after I have had one to eat or think twice before making it at home. Not just because its deep fried but also becasue it is made of refined all purpose flour or Maida.

Over time I have tried different varieties like mix of Wheat and Maida or just the whole wheat version. Today I tried yet another variation with the Multi grain Bhature and it turned out wonderful. Of Course that only negates half the guilt as I still deep fried it.

The multi grain I used was my Multi grain health mix powder (home made Sathu Maavu). This mix mainly has Raagi flour, Barley, Horse gram, Green gram among others.

Multigrain Bhatura

  • Servings: 3-4
  • Difficulty: Medium
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Wheat flour                           – 1 cup
Multi grain health mix Flour – 3/4 cup
Maida                                    –  2-3 tbs
Rava (fine)                            –  1 tsp
Yogurt                                   –  1 cup
Salt                                        – to taste
Sugar                                     – small pinch
Oil                                         – for deep frying


1) Add all the dry ingredients and mix well without lumps

2) Now add the yogurt and make it into a smooth dough
3) Adjust the yogurt by adding more of less based on the consistency.
4) The dough should be a bit tight but not hard or too loose.

5) Add some oil to your hand and knead the dough well.
6) Smooth the dough with little oil and then let the it rest for 2 to 3 hrs.


1) Heat enough oil in a frying pan.
2) Pinch out medium size balls out of the dough.
3) Pat it in oil before and roll it out the into circles. Makes sure that you do not it roll too thick or thin.
4) Before dropping the bhatura make sure that the oil is hot enough.
5) To test, just drop a small pinch of the dough in the oil and it should immediately fry and come to the top.
6) If it does , slowly slide the bhatura into the oil and slightly press the bhatura with the laddle. the bahtura will fluff up,.

7) Turn it and cook on both sides till you see golden brown spots .

8) Serve it with the better half Cholle/Channa and Enjoy it Hot!

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