Janmashtami | Krishna Jayanthi

Janmashtami is one of the Important Indian festivals celebrated all over India. The celebration vary depending on where it is celebrated, much like Krishna himself who tend to take form of your desires so to speak.IMG_7096All of love to celebrate ‘Happy Birthday’ of the very mischievous  baby krishna.  Its a fun festival that gets kid and adults exited.

It is observed on the eighth day (Ashtami) of  Shraavana month which overlaps with August and September of the regular calendar. Many peope fast during this time and perform pooja in the evening  by offering prasad in and breaking their fast after that.IMG_7108

North and South Indian traditions vary but the spirit and enthusiasm is very similar. Here I am sharing the traditions and recipes of our family. On the day of Gokulashtami the following snacks are prepared and in the evening the house is cleaned and baby krishna is  decorated with flowers and  lamps are lighted.  Foot steps are drawn to symbolize the welcoming of Krishna to the house. Then the family gathers to do recite slokas and bhajans and offer prayes and prasad to the god. Then the family sits together to relish the prasads.IMG_7103Prasads:

I usually vadai and aval for dinner keeping up with the theme of krishna’s favorite 😉

  • Savory aval
  • Thayir VadaiIMG_7094

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