Protein mix Banana PanCakes


The fluffy pancakes topped with a dash of fruits and a generous serving of your favorite syrup makes it a perfect meal to start of your day.  But these Protein Mix  pancakes  with twist will become your breakfast favorite.Pancakes were never made at my vegetarian kitchen for long time because of the eggs n the original recipe. I know I know there are millions of plant based recipes out there which is what inspired me. Now these pancakes have become our fav Sunady morning  meal.


Here is a fun story behind the pancake mix. So there is this traditional kanji maavu or sathu maavu that is made in many South Indian house hold. This sathu maavu ( translates to – Energy powder) is typically cooked in milk or butter milk and server as a sweet drink or savory. This is very filling because of the powder is made of variety of fibrous grains and nuts.


My mom makes tons of this powder every visit for the kids, but as you can imagine it is not easy to feed the kids this the traditional way. So I am  always trying out new ways to include this in our meal.This recipe is a brain child of one such attempt. Here is the 5 ingredient Protein Mix Pancake recipe.

Protein Mix Banana Pancakes

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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1 -1/2 cup Protein Mix or Sattu maavu
1 – cup Jaggery (also known as Gur /Panela)
2 ripe Bananas
1 tsp Baking soda
½ to 1 cup – Almond milk

To top with:


  1. In a pan add the powdered jaggery and add the ripe banana.
  2. Mix the banana and the jaggery mix it together. The jaggery will start to melt in the banana. I use my hands to mix. The heat from the hands also helps to melt the jiggery.
  3. When the Jaggery is well mixed add the Protin Mix and the baking powder and give it a quick mix.
  4. Now add the Almond milk slowly. Make sure not to add too much milk as this will make the mix too watery.
  5. Mix all of it together and let it rest for 30 to 40 mins.
  6. Heat a pan and grease it with some oil.
  7. Now slowly pour in the batter and let it spread by moving it a little bit.
  8. Once you see bubbles on the top, time to flip the pancakes.
  9. Let it cook for couple of minutes.
  10. Make the rest in the same way.
  11. Serve it with some butter and berry of choice with a good squeeze of honey.

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