Peanut Idli milagaipodi | Idli lentil powder

Milagai Podi also commonly known as Idli powder or gun powder is a must have accompaniment for Idli and Dosa. I sometimes add this to vegetables to give some texture to it – Quick Podi pota kari is easy with this podi and it tastes amazing. Idli podi is the go to side dish in every south indian home as it is mine. If I am lazy or have no time to make sambar or chutney, idli podi comes to the rescue. I always have this podi ready to go..

Rayil payanam – milagapodi Idli was is synonymous for me. As a kid the excitement and the fun of traveling in train on one side and the anticipation of milagapodi Idli for lunch and dinner during travel on the other side. A day before travel amma would always make batches of idli and let it cool a bit. Then in a big plate a huge cup of podi is placed and mixed with gingely oil and its mixed to a nice loose consistency. Then the cooled idlis are coated generously with the idli podi mix.

Then 4-5 idli coated in the mulagapodi packed in banana leaf and then news paper. This allows the idli to nicely absorb all the goodness of the podi. This is also best dish for travel as it is leak proof. It stays good for a day depending on the temperature. The oil and the podi seep into the soft and fluffy idlis and are waiting to be devoured. The smell of banana and the melt in the mouth idlis is heavenly…. Drool Drool……

Ofcourse this is not a ritual exclusive to travel. Leftover idlis can be coated with podi and left overnight for a on the go breakfast or a brunch on those busy weekdays. Kids also love the podi idli ( that i make less spicy) for thier lunch. Yum Yum…. now to the recipe

This is a fail proof recipe and also is very forgiving even if I don’t follow strict proportions..…..I make different versions of this podi with – ellu, coconut, garlic etc as well..

Idli Milagai Podi

Idli podi is a coarse powder made with a mixture of ground dry spices that typically contains dried chilis, urad dal, channa dal, salt and sesame seeds. This is a must have condiment for idlis, dosas and other South Indian breakfast dishes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
resting time 30 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Author ramyaanagu


  • Channa Dal – 3/4 cup
  • Urad dal – 3/4 th cup
  • Peanuts – 1/2 cup
  • Sesame seeds – 2 tbs
  • Hing – 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil of choice – 2 tsp To roast the ingredients
  • Regular red chilies – 6-8 nos Adjust to control the heat
  • Byadgi or kashmiri red chilies – 4-5 nos


  • Heat a pan and add in a teaspoon of oil and add three quarter cup of urad dal and toast it till it turns golden brown..
  • Remove and set it aside. Now in the same pan add the chana dal and roast it until golden brown. Set aside on a plate.
  • Ensure the flame is at low as it will allow for maximum flavor.
  • Now add in a teaspoon of oil ( if needed) and add the half cup of peanuts. Fry on low flame till golden. Set aside on a plate to cool.
  • Then roast the sesame seeds in the same pan.  When it will start to crackle and turn golden remove on to the plate.
  • Dry roast red chilies in the same pan. The heat in the pan is enough for the chilies to cook and it will start to release smell.
  • Remove the chilies from the pan and set aside on the plate to cool. Let all the ingredients cool down completely before grinding esle it will sweat.
  • Once cool add the roasted lentils/dals, peanuts, sesame seeds and red chilies to the mixie. Add in the salt, asafoetida (perungayam/hing) and grind into a course powder..
  • Enjoy with soft fluffy idlis!


  • Grind the milagai podi / idli powder to your prefered consistency  You can grind it fine, slightly coarse or to a coarse powder. I like the crunch so I grind it very course as you can see 🙂
  • I like to use bedigai or mix of bedigai and regular red chili for more red color

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