I am a food buff and a home cook. Welcome to my Blog!!

As a home cook and a mother of two wonderful girls, this blog is my attempt to make cooking fun while creating lasting memories with my girls.
When the LOs stand by the kitchen counter on their little step stool, amazed by every sizzle and drizzle, laughing and giggling and asking non-stop questions about everything I do, reminds me of my time in the kitchen with my mom.
The fun I had growing up watching and learning from her!! Well, as time passed I became the chef and my mom the sous chef, which will soon happen to me 🙂  and I look forward to it.

May be my love for cooking came from my love for eating especially spicy food and food that has lots of flavor. I love to experiment as I cook and my experiences with different cuisines now influences how I cook and eat.

With the lifestyle changes, food preferences have also changed. Over time I have learned that  cooking with fresh ingredients and substituting ingredients mindfully helps retain the taste and flavor  of the dishes intact while also keeping it healthy.

This blog reflects my everyday cooking, where I try to apply this and keep it simple and fresh.  With my growing interest in photography/ food photography and my love for cooking turned into “A Mom’s Cookbook” . I am excited to share old and new family recipes in this blog and hope to capture some mouthwatering snaps and memories.

” Food is art and when made with love it tastes divine “

Isn’t why moms always make the best dishes in the whole world? For yummy memories and more. TagPin or Like


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