Ragda Patties | Ragda with Rice patties – Instant Pot

A popular mouth watering spicy white peas curry served over potato patties ( I served it up with Rice patties) garnished with sweet and spicy chutney and a special chaat spice mix

Dal Makhani| Dabha style Dal Makhani

Dal Makani is a creamy silky lentil  dish made by slow cooking the black gram…

Kandantipili Rasam powder

Kandantipili Rasam powder is a super handy home remedy for cold, cough and stomach upset. This rasam has made it into our menu at least once a week.

Mix Vegetable Sambar

A vegetable sambar is a hot lentil stew made with special spice mix ground to make sambar powder or fresh ground masala mixed with assorted vegetables.

Spinach Rasam – Soup

Palak-spinach Rasam / Keerai Rasam is a comforting refreshing soup made of  fresh spinach adding…