Achari Paneer | Pickled Paneer gravy

Achari paneer is Paneer cooked in spicy Achari Sauce that is made with tomatoes, onions, pickle and and Pickling spices

Inji Manga Kuzhambu | Ginger Mango in Tamarind gravy

Mango and Ginger kuzhambu is a tangy gravy with the special sambar masala powder. Its a home remedy for cold or stomach issues. Goes well roasted papad or hot rice.

Dal Makhani| Dabha style Dal Makhani

Dal Makani is a creamy silky lentil  dish made by slow cooking the black gram…

Channa masala | Chickpea curry in InstantPot

Channa masala is a popular north Indian chickpea curry that is flavored with garam masala…

Bengali Moong Dal | Bhaja mooger dal

Bhaja mooger dal is a nutty and flavorful dal that is delicacy of Bengal made…