Achari Paneer | Pickled Paneer gravy

Achari paneer is Paneer cooked in spicy Achari Sauce that is made with tomatoes, onions, pickle and and Pickling spices

Panner-Vegetable Skewers

Fresh marinated veggie kabobs are packed with tons of flavor – perfect as a healthy side dish to any meal! grilled! marinated in fresh spices , these colorful kabobs are best of summer’s bounty and perfect for a casual gathering.

Ulavacharu Paneer Biryani | Horsgram Paneer Biryani

Ulavachari Biryani is a traditional and authentic recipe prepared with cooked horse gram water, meat…

Dahiwale Paneer |Paneer in Spicy Yogurt gravy

DahiWale Paneer, a delicious North Indian gravy where paneer is cooked in spicy creamy yogurt…

Paneer Do Pyaza |Paneer in Caramelized onion gravy

Paneer Do Pyaza – A Paneer dish that also stars Onion in double role. Paneer…