My Gadgets


Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

New Instant pot accessory addition. This was a quarantine panic but it has served well so far 🙂 . Still figuring out all the use of this.

Instant Pot: Duo Mini – 3qrt

Bough this one home last year as our travel buddy. I like to cook few meals during long trios and this is perfect size for that. Got it on deal.

Instant Pot Duo – 6 qrt

I don’t this needs any intro. What would I do without this. Have had this for 4-5 years now and it has been a life saver

Roti/Tortilla maker

This is a recent buy. I saw this at my friends place and thought it would be really useful for weekday dinner. It’s been good so far. I did by this from BBB

Ultra Wet Grinder

I have a similar one and it is also 15 + years old. It’s been pretty handy for grinding Idli /dosa batter an I love this one. Can’t live without it. I bought this while visiting India as well.

Preethi Mixie

I did not buy on Amazon but bought it during my visit to India. I recently upgraded from my 15 year old Preethi mixie and I am pretty happy with this


Cast Iron collection

My cast Iron collection is mostly hand down by my mom. I bought clay pots and brass cup from ET but my SIL bough cast Iron tava and they have a good collection. Only local shipping Foe US audiences, local stores and Amazon has some collection but they are priced high.

Clay Pots

I love my claypot collection. Bought if form different places. Lat purchase was at ET by Kyal. they have a great collection but I believe only available in store.

Ammikal | Stone grinder

This has been on my aspired kitchen gadgets since its hard to find in the USA. I always enjoyed grinding in ammikal for some reason. I bought this Mahabaklipuram during my India visit and try to use it during the weekends regularly. I have bought few other stuff from ET by Kayal so linking it for this as well.

Chakli /Sev Press

I have 3 varieties. One in stainless steel that is linked here and then 2 more in bronze and aluminium.

I am not marketing or promoting these gadgets. These are just list of gadgets and equipment I use in my kitchen. I am adding links and information about it if you are interested in knowing more. Please use your discretion before buying.