Sabudana kesari | Sagu kesari

Sabudana Kesari is a delicious, melt in the mouth desert made with sabudana aka sago cooked in ghee with dry fruits and saffron.

Mint-Spinach Paratha |Flatbread

A layered Indian flat bread made from wheat, spinach and mint. A healthy and vegan dish that can be enjoyed with any of gravy our with some yogurt.

Bombay grilled Sandwich

Bombay sandwich, a crispy , hearty sandwich with the special green chutney and sliced vegetables…

Little Millet Sambar Rice

Little millet aka saamai sambar rice ,made of mixed vegetables, homemade sambar powder and tamarind…

Bengali Moong Dal | Bhaja mooger dal

Bhaja mooger dal is a nutty and flavorful dal that is delicacy of Bengal made…